Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The "lob" (long bob) hair cut is everywhere nowadays; it seems as though everyone and their mother got the cut. I suspect it's got something to do with the versatility and the fact that the cut can be tweaked to work for any face shape and sense of style.

For months, I had been hemming and hawing about chopping off my mid-back-length mane and going for the oh-so-trendy lob à la Jeanne Damas. I was getting annoyed at the amount of product I had to use on the daily in order to avoid looking like a shaggy dog (no offense, dogs) and felt like I was in a bit of a rut. It was time for a change. 

So, after months of contemplation (and a failed hair appointment), I'm happy to say I've finally joined the "lob" club. What does that make me, a lobster?

Terrible joke aside, I am really diggin' having a shorter 'do. As expected, my styling time has been cut down dramatically. Also, I feel lighter and cooler. Not Alexa Chung cool, but temperature-wise cool. I know that may not sound like the most exciting thing, but as mentioned in a previous post, I've been really struggling to adjust to the tropical climate of my new home, Brazil (and it's winter here!). It's nice to be able to feel the breeze on my neck now. 

Colour-wise, prior to my hair appointment, my hair was pretty messed up. (Tip: don't ever box dye your hair black!) I went from a strange shade of reddy-blonde-brown with a band of black underneath to a close match to my natural colour, an ashy light brown, with a few subtle blonde highlights (the attached photo doesn't show it very well). I'm beyond happy to have finally reached the colour I've been trying to achieve since October 2015. 

The only downside was that my hair was unavoidably damaged from all of the chemicals used to remove my stubborn, wonky previous colour. My hair was super dry and brittle, as to be expected with heavy doses of bleach.

To heal my hair, I didn't wash it until 7 days after my appointment in hopes of retaining the natural oils (don't worry guys, I still showered). Now, at the two-and-a-half-week mark, my hair health is making a comeback. The shine and softness have partially returned, thanks to scant washing (I try to wash it only every 3 days), abandoning heat styling and largely in part to the Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus Fortifying Hair Mask. The mask is typically used as a leave-in-then-rinse treatment, however, because my hair is so thick and dry I've been able to get away with using it as a leave-in conditioner, no rinsing. Oh, and it smells sooo amazing as well; like candy. Even though I love this product, I'm always down to find other great products for damaged hair, so if you know of any please share in the comments below! 

Before I go, I want to give a shout out and huge thanks to Nalva Lopes Hairdresser in Natal, Brazil. The team did such a lovely job on my hair and hit my idea, despite a language barrier, right on the head (errr.. hair?). It was quite possibly the best hair job I've had done to date. I highly recommend checking them out if you're ever in Natal! 

What are your thoughts on the "lob" trend?
Do you prefer having short or long hair?
What hair products do you recommend for damaged hair?
Share your answer in the comments below.

Your lobster,

P.S. I just realised the above use of lobster could very well work as a Friends reference. YAAAAAS!

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